Thursday, September 13, 2012

Take Me Away

Life sucked. It went in circles it made me it's bitch. I was a torn, broken, mess. and all I ever wanted to do was get away from that place, away from those people. Anywhere but the 'home' I hated.
But then I got what I wished for. And found the home was in my head. The adversity was in my head, and that's what made it a home. My home.
Have you ever been comfortably numb? Like the pain was what drove you, and the stress and anxiety was somehow cushioning, warm and familiar. Loneliness was your company, and emptiness, your hearts space.
So I came, from a home to another home, because home is where my memories are.
Circumstances don't define who we are. We can run away, change them, fight, and stand up for the people we want to be. But you can't ever run away from your problems or a bad circumstance, because you can't run away from yourself.