Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dusty Windows

And I write.
I write when I'm so overwhelmed with thoughts and emotion.
Never before have I felt so empty. It's a really underrated feeling; emptiness. Because to be empty means to be free of expectation, and to be free of expectation means to be free of feeling dissapointed and therefore makes one free of sadness anger and all sorts of negativity.
It doesn't take anything but understanding to feel this way. Not optimism, because that's extremely misleading, but plain and simple compromise with circumstances. You can't delete pain from your life. You can't release it or replace it with anything else, or neglect it, because ignoring a problem only leads to less ability to handle it in the future. I think somewhere along the line, everyone needs to experience it, the anger, frustration and depression. It's a part of life. The only thing a person can do to help themselves and not let it take control of them, is understand what they're going through and why they do. And just like that the emotions become less intense and move on on their own.
To understand, that everyone will always think differently than the way you think they do, and that there is no way to adapt and manipulate other people's thoughts, is a great realization, because only then can one be immune to the environment. Because to everyone, it's only about them and who else can the world revolve around when we're living in our minds and thoughts? It's like a giant fantasy, so why not realize that, and live it freely?
And we can all benefit from taking life a little less seriously. Loneliness, is a myth, because we're all tied together by our incomprehensible feeling of being on the outside, looking in.