Monday, June 4, 2012

Loving in a cube.

People change,
Times change,
Life changes,
And love,
It changes too.

Love goes and comes around in circles,
It's like we're loving in a sphere.
Rolling around in it's infinity.
But life's uniform, like a square.
And we're living in a cube.
So whose to say the sphere wont fit into that cube?
and that we're loving in a cube.

What's love got to do with anything in our lives?
What's friendship got to do with ourselves?
Because at the end of the day,
that's what we all are,
Every decision we make is so we can protect ourselves, feel good about ourselves, and secure that ego.
So we'll love.
So we can feel good.
And we'll make a name for ourselves through friendship,
so other people can be as obsessed with us as we are of ourselves.

What's a feeling?
What's a commitment?
What's lust?
What's respect and cherishing.
Because passion is like a circle,
but honor and trust,
it's a square.
And Love,
Love's just a word with no meaning.

So why not 'love' all you can
Till your heart is left aching?
Why not laugh, in the moment,
till you're breathless?
Why not just live free,
with or without
that 'one'?
Because he's not coming.
Not now,
Not ever.
Because he doesn't exist.
Who needs love to be happy,
when love is just a word,
but happiness,
is a feeling.