Monday, April 30, 2012

Chasing the Bridge that's already broken.

Don't tell me to jump.
I was already there,
Jumping for you.
Don't even tell me to Hurt.
I've been there,
Hurting for you.

It's all gone.
Thanks to you.
I can really say,
'Thank you'
Because you saved me
from my naivety.

My love,
I loved you.
I know I did.
I know
What it felt like.
And I know
It will never
be the same.

It's all numb to me now.
Heartache, and pain.
No sensation at all
But I know it's still there.
Lingering feelings of dejection
They'll come back one day.
Breathlessness, at the sight of your face.
Light headed when I
Sense your presence around
And pain.
Life longing pain,
For the life I once had,
but never really experienced.

Don't tell me to breathe,
As I mention your name.
Because all it brings to me now,
Is anxiety.
I can't breathe
With these swords through my stomach.
I can't sleep with your name in my head.
Because I still remember your name

And a love once forgotten.
But the feeling still remains.
Echoing through my brain.

You say.
And here I am again,
Flying for you.
And I find
I've lost myself
in the lifelong
quest for your approval.