Thursday, March 1, 2012

If we're not alive, what does reality even have to do with it?

And at the end of the day, we’re all still alive. Still awake and breathing, in a world…
The world we once believed in,
The world we thought would never be the same,
The world we wished would sympathise with only us,
And change.
The world we hated when we lost all we loved,
The world that gave us our true desires only to snatch them a way,
The world that was ours,
And ours alone,
The world that made us feel so insignificant,
Yet all alone,
The world that gave us freedom,
The world that gave us love, music, innocence, and serenity.
The world we hoped for,
The world we ran away from,
The world we fought for,
The world we gave up on,
And the world that we just can’t get enough of in spite of all our miseries,
Because we’re so curious about what it has in store for us next.

Some people live for pleasure.
Some live for the pain.
Some live in regret and sorrow.
Waiting for something they can gain.
Some live for love,
Others, for dreams,
Some live for passion
And some, for money, status and pride.

Some people live their whole lives,
Waiting for miracles,
And others, trying to gain infinite knowledge
Just to figure it all out.
Some live,
For experiences,
Some live to experience control and power.
And the rest of us,
We’re only alive because we’re scared of what will happen,
If we forget to breathe.

We’re living in a world so cold, so dark, so lonely, only to see the warmth within the chills, the light at the end of each day, and feel the warmth of knowing there are others out there, who feel the same way. We hate, we love, and we’re happy and sad…but what keeps us going in a world where nothing seems to matter is; we pray. And what gives us faith in these prayers is the hope that, if not god, maybe someone out there is listening to us, and one day we may get the help we think we deserve.