Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Withered thoughts kept me awake.
Because I was half asleep.
Left in the dark,
On a bright summers day.
Bare thoughts inside me
left meek.

Fighters, for the soul
Said 'Wait for the sunrise'
And all will go away.
Left me alone.
To pray.

What Grace could only dream about
What minds could not percieve
Wrestless wonderings
Cringing spirits

What if
It all turns out
A dream?

Like a lonely summer night,
On a bright, cold, snowy day.
Just because you live in the shadows,
Doesn't mean you can't see the light,
When our fates seem intertwined,
and loneliness is
The only price we pay.

Pondering little paths,
Seems like we're soaring through
the distances.
When Solitude is what we seek.
Every day of our lives.
All, while living in disguise.
True dreams;

Where do we come from?
Such tumultion,
Such demise.
Space is what we desire
In return,
closeness, is achieved
That has it's place so comfortable
in our hearts.

And through all the games our minds play,
we're living,
just a dream.