Thursday, October 6, 2011

I broke.
Because I was broken.
Not by the world,
but by my perception of it.
The World didn't change me,
I changed because of it.
I learned to love,
I loved to breathe.
I loved and loved
till it consumed me.

I never learned to love myself
Because I never stopped to breathe
For myself.
I never wanted to learn
To love any other feeling
Than Love itself.
I guess that's where I lost myself.

What does it mean,
Being able to love so many people,
and still be this self obsessed?
How does it feel,
To be this self obsessed
and not have any confidence?
It definitely doesn't hurt.
And that's what scares me.

I'll always be this way,
Lingering in life's
Thorny bush of Roses
Dreaming when I'm awake,
Living when I'm asleep.
And I'll follow the
Conspiracies that are
twisted into my brain,
driven into it by the heart's desperate forces.
To conquer these bittersweet memories
That I'll thrive on forever.

Where's room for the simple happy ending,
When it doesn't have a labyrinthine story to follow?