Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Never A Lifeless Slumber

Awaken me from my
desperate slumber.
So dawn shows me
a new light.
For when I sleep
so peacefully,
My subconscious
seems more alive.

A new world,
that brings new hope.
Showing my deepest,
darkest fantasies.
And it's a million times
better than reality.

You see a body sleeping.
I see a body soaring,
higher than she ever can
when she's awake.
I see bliss, because
I still close my eyes
and dream
on a terrible day.

The wind brings with it
a sense of drowsiness,
and darkness alike.
So to get away
from the thoughts,
I sleep...
And grow alive.

But then I am awoken.
Distraught and fearful,
because it's then time to
move on to reality.
Where fate is set,
and all that's left to do
is to keep moving along.
Getting lost in the dynamics
of your own mind.

Awaken me from my
darkest slumber,
So I can feel the life.
Awaken me.
So the strife and sorrow,
leave my world tonight.