Sunday, September 25, 2011

Drink Me to Sleep

Eyes Half Open,
Mind unsought.
For able minds, never thought
To do those things
That the emotionally blind
Classified as tactless

The proficient words
Those express wisdom
With the glass
Then discharged
With the freedom
That came with it all.

The soul that could dance
Till the blackened hour came
The fire that could burn
Till the sun took over
The wind that could search
For the damaged little girl
And fly her away from her sorrows
Till the dawn came
Showing systematization
And the wrath of law

Burning desires
Free spirits
Conveying peace
In the wounded souls
Of those left untouched
By monotony

If you listen close,
You can hear the little boy inside him
Crying, ‘save me’.
Yet, unwilling to be saved
By the venom that
Sets him free

Save him if you will
He isn’t doing it out of spite
He’s doing it for the enthralment
Is that so wrong in this life?
Entertain the stable minds
If you will.
They will dance with each dose
For intricate minds,
That’s not enough.

Tell the shadows
Not to die
They’ll listen till
The sun comes out.

Tell the prostitute
To save her life
And you’ll see her dancing in a club
The next night.
Off with her clothes
But still safe inside
With her newfound sense of pride

We were meant to live
Not to conform
One life
One mind
Each twisted in their own way.

Disarray yours
The best
So they remember your name.