Saturday, April 16, 2011

Note from a pessimist

I don't wanna go to Harvard.
Don't care that much about Yale.
I won't get in to Princeton.
I just don't want to fail.

I don't wanna play more music.
Don't want to do art and science.
Math, history and business,
It's all a waste of time.

Sure, I'll write some poems,
More like thoughts thrown out of my head.
I lead a passionless life.
Why live it?
I'll write about it instead.

I know I've got some issues.
But hey, I'm getting help.
For what? I don't know.
Thinking the same things as everyone else?

A pessimists impression,
I'll leave behind a trail.
For rebels now to follow.
Even if they're getting 'A's'

I hate the way the world thinks.
I hate the way it proves;
There's smart and dumb that are 'someones',
fall in between and you lose.

After all my thinking,
I can always conclude.
People are always judging.
And they'll always know I'm a fool.

I want to live like I'm dying.
I want to,
I need to,
I plead.
Dear God,
please let me breathe?