Monday, February 28, 2011

It's a Dark Night

They're all devils,
In disguise.
Their words will haunt me forever,
I'm drowning in their despise for me,
I'm surrounded by the treacherous swords
they're waving in front of me
with hate.

They're judging me, god.
I can't stand the pain.

Where am I?

I think I've cried here before.
This hurt feels so farmiliar.
Their words pierce me so hard.
In place of bruises,
I'll always have this scar.
It's deaper than any wound.

Tell me,
Do you feel the pain,
when you cry?
Do you feel the bliss,
when you smile?
Do you feel the burn,
when you're angry?
Can you hear them curse,
when you pass by?

Would you hate the world,
because it hates you?
Would you think it's a disgrace,
when you find someone who wants you?
Would you scream,
if you thought of the end?
Would you laugh,
when saying goodbye to your best friend?

Can you smell the blood that's shed,
when your loved ones are hurt, misread?
Will you sing a mournful piece,
everytime the world brings you down on your knees?

If not,
I guess you'll never see,
what it feels like to be me.