Monday, February 28, 2011

Four Walls

These four walls,
They hold me still
within them,
I'm consumed
With my thoughts,
and my mind
that is ill.
I've lost control
of my free will.

These four walls,
I wonder when
they'll come crumbling down
and set me free.
My brain will cease
and my thoughts
no longer drowned.

These four walls,
They're white.
They're grey.
They're never black,
yet they're filled with dismay.

These four walla,
Cracks inside and out.
The world beyond them, free,
to mould the minds within them,
that are homeward bound.

These four walls,
they bury me
within my thoughts,
so I can see;

These four walls,
they keep me safe.
Away from the pain,
torture, and