Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Here she comes again,
watching from a distance.
wondering when
she can strike again.

She's pain.

Running through my veins,
creeping into these bloodshot eyes.
Now we see everything with despise.

She's in my world,
now she'll never go back.
She owns my days,
she owns my nights.
She's on the floor,
when I lay there crying.
She's in the sky,
when I look up with hope.
She's at the end of every steep slope.

She's in my heart,
she's in my eyes.
When we hurt,
and when we cry.
God forbid we smile.
That just won't do.
That's how it is,
when she's with you.

She never leaves.
She's like a scar,
the kind you want to keep.
Because she's part of you now,
You trust her,
it's the comforting feeling she brings.
And you don't want her to leave.
She makes you who you are.

She brings darkness,
but she is light.
In a world full of horrer,
she's the brighter side.

She's aware of her power,
aware of my fate.
She's the creature,
that makes one hate.

She shows me the world,
it's black,
and it's white.
She says,
'Life's a curse...
but it's alright'.
To get the opposite of her,
it's not worth the fight.

She's my bittersweet dream,
more bitter than sweet.
I hate her world,
but I need her with me.

Here she comes again,
she's that face in the mirror,
staring back at me.