Thursday, October 21, 2010

Story Of A Broken Girl

There she is.
Sitting at the corner of the room.
Can you see her tears?
She's so caught up in lies,
and the truth, is shining right through them.

She's broken.

Maybe it's because she's living in a broken world,
yeah, maybe that's why she cries.
It's not because of her unfortunate fate,
it's because of all the lies.

She's broken.

Can you see her now?
She started talking to her friends,
She looks so happy,
But it's all just so pretense.
And that's when you realize again...

She's broken.

She's always been that way,
Some things don't ever change.
Why does she always look so sad?
It's like those tears are tatood to her face,
because she's too worn out to cry them again.
She's dehyderated from an overdose of pain.

She's broken.

You know that girl sitting in the darkest part of the room?
She used to be shy.
Now she doesn't care enought to try.
She know how unreliable the world is,
and that she won't even end up smiling if she gets to fit in.

She's Broken.

Did you know she could dance?
She never bothered telling anyone,
She just does it for fun.
She's so graceful.
If you could see her you would want the chance to get to meet her.
You'd wanna be her,
She's beautiful,
from the outside and all the way in.

But she's broken.

Hey you see that girl in the corner,
you've talked to her before.
You've called her your friend.
If you could look through those eyes,
and see through the thoughts she does,
you would suddenly realize how much she really matters.
You'd beg her to stay,
even if you won't talk to her after.
It's not her suicidal tendencies that make you think she's lame.
It's the fact that you've pushed her this far,
and she just sat in the corner taking it all.

It made her break.