Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The rush.

He touched my hand.
Just for a brief moment,
but I felt it.
I felt the rush.

It was the most amazing feeling.
Like I was falling,
My heart lurched.
My stomach leaped into the air,
higher than It had ever gone before.

He smiled at me.
The most dreamy smile.
It made me feel like a dream,
It made me feel like his life.
That's all I've ever wanted.
In that fraction of a second,
He answered a million questions,
That I'd never got the courage to ask him.
And there they were today
hidden in that smile.

Did I tell you about his eyes?
His big, brown, beautiful eyes.
They were so compassionate.
They were what I missed the most about him.
When he looked at me today,
His eyes looked so dazed.
So dazed, I thought I was dreaming.
That didn't make a difference,
Those eyes are like a maze.
I've been through that maze
a million times,
But I could never come out
the other side.
Not until today.

And there was that tiny spark,
when he nudged me with his hand,
clenched into a fist.
I knew it was a playful punch.
He's never done that before.
Even if he had,
It never felt this good.

Then he waved goodbye,
I could hear a love song,
Playing in my head.
No one around
could help but stare,
at a moment so perfect.

I could;
Jump off a cliff,
Drive into fire,
Swim in the deadliest oceans.
And dance in a volcano about to errupt.
All for that one moment.
To come back again.