Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear soul.

So now you're dancing around me,
troubled soul.
as I wonder what it is you seek,
sprinkling on me your rainbow of emotions,
of which one colour conquors all,

Go on, tell me why you appear to bawl,
When all you want is the love?
The eternal love that defines us,
The love that prays on all our souls,
to create an internal bond.

Am I getting restless?
Is the insomnia catching on?
You gave it to me, dear soul.
Maybe it's time to think before you fall.

Rain on me, mighty raindrops.
Take this soul away,
leave behind the sun for me,
with it's colours of dismay.

And find a new world for me,
Kiss me with your knives,
Embrace the shallow bones,
that beseach under these stary eyes.
And those lips that were once so soft,
Won't taste the love again,
and that cold stone heart,
that once lay there so still,
will make some strange amends.

All as you dance,
my sweet soul.
The world just seems to end.