Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Here she comes again,
watching from a distance.
wondering when
she can strike again.

She's pain.

Running through my veins,
creeping into these bloodshot eyes.
Now we see everything with despise.

She's in my world,
now she'll never go back.
She owns my days,
she owns my nights.
She's on the floor,
when I lay there crying.
She's in the sky,
when I look up with hope.
She's at the end of every steep slope.

She's in my heart,
she's in my eyes.
When we hurt,
and when we cry.
God forbid we smile.
That just won't do.
That's how it is,
when she's with you.

She never leaves.
She's like a scar,
the kind you want to keep.
Because she's part of you now,
You trust her,
it's the comforting feeling she brings.
And you don't want her to leave.
She makes you who you are.

She brings darkness,
but she is light.
In a world full of horrer,
she's the brighter side.

She's aware of her power,
aware of my fate.
She's the creature,
that makes one hate.

She shows me the world,
it's black,
and it's white.
She says,
'Life's a curse...
but it's alright'.
To get the opposite of her,
it's not worth the fight.

She's my bittersweet dream,
more bitter than sweet.
I hate her world,
but I need her with me.

Here she comes again,
she's that face in the mirror,
staring back at me.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Story Of A Broken Girl

There she is.
Sitting at the corner of the room.
Can you see her tears?
She's so caught up in lies,
and the truth, is shining right through them.

She's broken.

Maybe it's because she's living in a broken world,
yeah, maybe that's why she cries.
It's not because of her unfortunate fate,
it's because of all the lies.

She's broken.

Can you see her now?
She started talking to her friends,
She looks so happy,
But it's all just so pretense.
And that's when you realize again...

She's broken.

She's always been that way,
Some things don't ever change.
Why does she always look so sad?
It's like those tears are tatood to her face,
because she's too worn out to cry them again.
She's dehyderated from an overdose of pain.

She's broken.

You know that girl sitting in the darkest part of the room?
She used to be shy.
Now she doesn't care enought to try.
She know how unreliable the world is,
and that she won't even end up smiling if she gets to fit in.

She's Broken.

Did you know she could dance?
She never bothered telling anyone,
She just does it for fun.
She's so graceful.
If you could see her you would want the chance to get to meet her.
You'd wanna be her,
She's beautiful,
from the outside and all the way in.

But she's broken.

Hey you see that girl in the corner,
you've talked to her before.
You've called her your friend.
If you could look through those eyes,
and see through the thoughts she does,
you would suddenly realize how much she really matters.
You'd beg her to stay,
even if you won't talk to her after.
It's not her suicidal tendencies that make you think she's lame.
It's the fact that you've pushed her this far,
and she just sat in the corner taking it all.

It made her break.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The rush.

He touched my hand.
Just for a brief moment,
but I felt it.
I felt the rush.

It was the most amazing feeling.
Like I was falling,
My heart lurched.
My stomach leaped into the air,
higher than It had ever gone before.

He smiled at me.
The most dreamy smile.
It made me feel like a dream,
It made me feel like his life.
That's all I've ever wanted.
In that fraction of a second,
He answered a million questions,
That I'd never got the courage to ask him.
And there they were today
hidden in that smile.

Did I tell you about his eyes?
His big, brown, beautiful eyes.
They were so compassionate.
They were what I missed the most about him.
When he looked at me today,
His eyes looked so dazed.
So dazed, I thought I was dreaming.
That didn't make a difference,
Those eyes are like a maze.
I've been through that maze
a million times,
But I could never come out
the other side.
Not until today.

And there was that tiny spark,
when he nudged me with his hand,
clenched into a fist.
I knew it was a playful punch.
He's never done that before.
Even if he had,
It never felt this good.

Then he waved goodbye,
I could hear a love song,
Playing in my head.
No one around
could help but stare,
at a moment so perfect.

I could;
Jump off a cliff,
Drive into fire,
Swim in the deadliest oceans.
And dance in a volcano about to errupt.
All for that one moment.
To come back again.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Perfect Songs.

The perfect songs,
and the memories that play with them,
echoing in my mind,
'cos every time I hear that song,
I see you face everywhere,
And i cant help but smile.

Our story is'nt like the usual,
i was left alone with nothing but denial,
You left me hanging.
But I still know if i were dieing,
You'd be by my side,
You'd want to kill youself too,
but she'd never let you.

The perfect songs,
and memories that sing along,
flashing in my head,
I'm a nervous wreck,
This broken heart will never mend,
But people say your true,
And I dont wanna get over you.

Maybe thats what I wish for,
spending every second,
Hoping these daydreams come true,
but it's so confusing,
presuming you want me too.
Cos when I see you with her,
you seem so alive,
You make me want to hate her,
but if she makes you so happy,
how can I ?

The perfect songs,
and the memories that aren't so far along
eventually fade away.
Through all that,i'd only be happy,
knowing your okay.

You make me want to care,
I hope you care about me too,
This memory isn't goin anywhere
without you.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear soul.

So now you're dancing around me,
troubled soul.
as I wonder what it is you seek,
sprinkling on me your rainbow of emotions,
of which one colour conquors all,

Go on, tell me why you appear to bawl,
When all you want is the love?
The eternal love that defines us,
The love that prays on all our souls,
to create an internal bond.

Am I getting restless?
Is the insomnia catching on?
You gave it to me, dear soul.
Maybe it's time to think before you fall.

Rain on me, mighty raindrops.
Take this soul away,
leave behind the sun for me,
with it's colours of dismay.

And find a new world for me,
Kiss me with your knives,
Embrace the shallow bones,
that beseach under these stary eyes.
And those lips that were once so soft,
Won't taste the love again,
and that cold stone heart,
that once lay there so still,
will make some strange amends.

All as you dance,
my sweet soul.
The world just seems to end.


Is darkness the real awakening,
before the misty morning?
Is it the rising sun,
before all has bloomed?
Is it being wide awake,
when the world's still sleeping?
To arise to something new...

To look at a room full of faceless creatures,
wondering what might befall,
Dancing around, as the world starts crumbling,
Before the ignorance starts to crawl.

And then one day,
when the dark is shining,
you tell yourself that time is coming,
chasing you as you speak.
No words of wisdom,
No time for worries,
The running thoughts,
That still won't leave.

Wondering what is wrong,
singing the same old songs,
Living while you can,
catching every breath,
before sunlight finds you...
and brings you what is dawn.